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Dewey Beach

We traveled To Dewey Beach For a Mini Getaway. It sounded Like A Good Idea. Sun, Beach, Some Happy Water. An invite that anyone would be crazy to turn down. 90+ + Degrees Outside, and nothing but Sun ahead of Us.

We Touch Down and we Visit Sharkey’s. Them Dudes Get Some “Pulled Pork sandwhiched”. I have NO Use For anythin Pork… Especially some that’s been “Pulled” Fron Lord Knows Where.

After A While, The Rain Comes. More Like A Thunderstorm, with Hail Thrown In just to proved a point.

NO Worries tho, People made palns and we shall carry them out.

Beach In The Rain.
Food On Type Soggy.
Cuties Are MIA.

No Complaints Tho.

NO Worries, We Do What!!!!!

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