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Dewey Beach

We traveled To Dewey Beach For a Mini Getaway. It sounded Like A Good Idea. Sun, Beach, Some Happy Water. An invite that anyone would be crazy to turn down. 90+ + Degrees Outside, and nothing but Sun ahead of Us.

We Touch Down and we Visit Sharkey’s. Them Dudes Get Some “Pulled Pork sandwhiched”. I have NO Use For anythin Pork… Especially some that’s been “Pulled” Fron Lord Knows Where.

After A While, The Rain Comes. More Like A Thunderstorm, with Hail Thrown In just to proved a point.

NO Worries tho, People made palns and we shall carry them out.

Beach In The Rain.
Food On Type Soggy.
Cuties Are MIA.

No Complaints Tho.

NO Worries, We Do What!!!!!

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Random Thoughts About’s The Music Industry Right Now!!!!

– I Wish Lauryn Hill Would Make Another Album.
– I Wish Artists Had More Originality.
– What Kind A Sexual Tricks Are Rihanna Doing That She Got Light-Skinned Singers Starting Club Brawls?
– Am I The Only One That Believes That Record Labels Killed Hip-Hop?
– So Is Mase Coming Back Or What?
– My Favorite Album Right Now Is ” Some Nights” By FUN.
– Are There Anymore Good Singers?
– Nas’ ” The Good Life” Will Be A Klassic!!!!
– Kanye West Needs to Convince The Whole Wu-Tang To Sign To G.O.O.D. Music!!!
– In September, Rock The Bells or Made In America?
– Are There Any Good Rock Bands Left?
– Who Does Ne-Yo Think He’s Fooling?
– I Think All The Winners Of These Reality Shows(Idol, The Voice, Duets etc) Need To Have A Live Battle. Then we’ll know If They Really Have Talent!!!!
– I Miss Record Shops!!!!
– Radio Would Survive Longer If They Played MORE Than 6 Songs.
– I’m Looking Forward To The Remake of “Sparkle”.
– Can Somebody, Anybody Convince Andre 3000 To Make A Rap Album.
– When Is Alicia Keys Album Coming?
– I Need A Good Concert to Go To.
– Who Remembers The Dipset Movement?
– Does Anyone Follow Miranda Lambert On Twitter? She’s Not One To Hold Her Tongue.
– I Hope The BET Awards Have Great Surprises and Great Performances.
– Deja Vu by Teena Marie Is My Favorite Song, Any Genre.
– I Think, I Am The Only One Who was A Fan Of The Group, Nickelback

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