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Cue The Focus!!!!

Cue The Focus!!!!

What’s The Point?

  • Before You Open A Bottle Of Water, You Shake It Up Like There’s More Flavor On The Bottom. … What’s The Point?
  • You Get Drunk and High All Week, Then Go To Church On Sunday …. What’s The Point?
  • You Have No Idea What Your Credit Score but Attempt To Shop On Credit ….  What’s The Point?
  • You Just Performed Oral Sex On A Female, Then Put On A Condom … You Already Ate The Disease … What’s The Point?
  • You Don’t Raise Your First Two Kids But Decides To Have A Third …… What’s The Point?
  • You Knew She Was Crazy and Didn’t Cook, You Still Marry Her and Now Mad Because She’s Crazy and Doesn’t Cook….  What’s The Point?
  • You Keep Buying New Cars But Don’t Even Have Your Own Place To Live …. What’s The Point?
  • You Take A Bunch Of “Diet” Pills, Yet Do NO Exercise and Complain That You Can’t Lose Weight … What’s The Point?
  • You Sleep In UnderWear …  What’s The Point?
  • Spending All Of Your Time Watching Reality TV, Instead Of Chasing Your Dreams…… What’s The Point?

Slow Them Trucks Down.

Slow Them Trucks Down.


The Road To WorkHard!!!!

We Shall Bark Upon This Journey, The Road To WorkHard!!!!  We Have To Get Back On Thus Road and Encourage Those Among Us To Travel Such Path.  What Used To Be Common Place is Now Few and Far In Between.  Hard Work Has Become a Disease. We Seek ShortCuts To Attain Goals. We Seek Others To Do Our Work For Us.  We Rest on Our Laurels Instead Of Creating New Paths.  We Harp About Losing Jobs And Not Being Hired For Positions.   Let That Be Your Past. Change The Course Of Stagnation That You Travel Upon. HardWork Is Good For The Soul.  Make Your Work Ethic Twice Strong.

Let Us Travel The Road to WorkHard!!!!

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