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The Academy Awards (2014)

MyView Of The 2014 Oscars:



  1. This Is The Best Self Ever.  Ever In The History Of Selfies.   Lupita Nyong’s Brother Wins The Award For Best  “Photobomb.”
  2. The crowd was really stuffy.  Ellen was working extra hard to loosen them up.
  3. How cool was Brad Pitt For Helping Pass Out Plates and Napkins?
  4. Is There ANYONE Winning More Than Pharrell This Year?
  5. Best Ellen Quote Of The Night?
  6. Who Can We Call To Get Jared Leto to Do More Acting?
  7. How Do We Get Kerry Washington A New Stylist?
  8. Whoopi In Heels:  Two Thumbs Up
  9. Love Will Smith, But Did He Deserve To Present Best Picture?
  10. Best Accent Of The Night:  The Great Beauty, I Didn’t Catch ONE Word That He said, But Loved Every Second Of His Speech.
  11. The Boobs Were Out On Display.
  12. Who Do You Wanna See Next Year?
  13. “Laurence Fisburne” Looked Great On Stage With Naomi Watts.
  14. They Have To Move The Interviews On The Red Carpet Away From The Screaming Fans OR Get Better Mics.
  15. Harvey Weinstein Owns Hollywood.
  16. Kate Hudson Always Looks Great.
  17. Big Mama’s and Paps’s Pizzeria Stock Should Increase Dramatically. (See What I Did There?)
  18. All The Speech’s Were Great:  Lupita(Dreams come true) Jared(Honoring his mother) Matthew(Chasing Himself).
  19. What’s With John Travolta’s Hair, Goldie Hawn in General and Kim Novak’s Face?  Love Yourself and Age Gracefully.
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